Vacansoleil is an international travel company in the premium and luxury camping sector. In 2015, it launched the content marketing portal The portal provides answers to questions such as:

Where are the best camp sites, what is there to do there, which sights are close by and above all: Why is luxury camping no longer an oxymoron?

As full service provider, nordisch designed and launched the Content Marketing Portal and brought it to life with reports and a large number of videos.

For example, in the format “On the Road with Nadine Krüger”, the popular ZDF presenter travels to the most attractive holiday regions to meet people, get acquainted with different cultures and experience unforgettable adventures. With the “How to” format videos we demonstrate little tricks and tests, as well as give tips on how to make the camping holiday experience easier. Some locations hold a particularly magical fascination for their visitors. The section “Places to See” introduces just some of them.