The children’s channel on public broadcasters ARD and ZDF is a byword for high-quality, responsible television for young viewers. That’s why we’re proud to have already developed and realised numerous formats for KIKA:

In “Romeo feat. Julia” young upcoming rappers performed with a classical orchestra and expanded their horizons.

In “Das große Bolzplatz-Duell” (The Big Local Derby) teams all over Germany met to play soccer on their local pitch – whatever the weather.

It was and still is a true “Schmecksplosion” (Taste Explosion), when children from different cultures who are friends cook for one another.

For the documentary series “Schau in meine Welt!” (Look Into My World) we visited Carla, the flamenco dancer from Camargue and the sportswoman Flori, who’s in a wheelchair.

And when all German federal states compete to find the nation’s sportiest school class, then it’s: “Abenteuer Action!“ (Adventure Action!)

Sometimes sporty. Sometimes entertaining. Sometimes poignant. But always one thing: sincere.