We make films. For television viewers, for customers, for company employees — for everyone.
We have ideas. We produce. We voice. All formats — all languages — with award-winning results.
TV shows, corporate videos, reports, ads — the results speak for themselves. But you were probably thinking that anyway right?

Our Goal

Why nordisch? Well, in German it means northern, and that‘s where we‘re from, northern Germany.
What do people associate with the word "nordisch"? The northern lights, simple elegance, coolness and culture.
We are all that and a lot more. That‘s why nordisch is also a statement. How does nordisch make YOU feel?

Our Name

We love to create movies that touch your soul.
And if we find our way into the hearts of children, it is infinite passion.

Our passion

We are team-players. Unless soccer is involved.
We are Hanseatic. The people of Hamburg are good with money.
We are loyal. So no surprise that most customers have trusted us for years.

Our Strengths

We are honest. Sometimes, if there‘s no sense in making a video, then we‘ll say that.
We are curious. And we‘re always keen to find new ways of doing things.
We are obsessive. That‘s why everything always has to be perfect.

Our Weaknesses